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Name:Feather's Writing Dumping Ground
Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Feather's Journal
Grissom and Catherine stand side by side overlooking the desert they just searched. Grissom is looking up in the sky; Catherine looks out at the desert.

Catherine: So... you thinking what I'm thinking?

Grissom: How amazing the universe is. Everything made from the same carbon... stars to trees, trucks to human bones.

Catherine: Mmm... no. I was thinking that we have about 100 bone fragments.
We could I.D. this body before the end of the shift.

Grissom: Hmm.

Catherine: ... Stars and trucks?

Yes, Catherine. Stars and trucks. Or, in this case, stars and trucks and fanfiction and icons. Specifically, fanfiction and icons written and made by Feather.

I own everything I write about. I'm making tons and tons of money off of it, and I put it all into the bank account I opened when Bank of America was just a lemonade stand in a bunch of earthquake wreckage. With all the money I made I bought Idaho, broke off from the US, and started my own monarchy.

Grovel, you miserable wretches.

In case you don't understand sarcasm, I own nothing and don't make money from anything. Just ask my parents, who are pissed because I couldn't pay my phone bill again this month.

This archive is predominantly CSI-oriented, but there will also be smatterings of other fandoms and things as well.
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